Thursday, March 25, 2010

Chinese Dragon Tattoos

There are many Chinese dragon tattoo designs. Among them, the most common is the Horned Dragon. This particular tattoo design is believed to produce rain. Other types of dragon tattoos include Winged Dragon, Celestial Dragon, Spiritual Dragon, Yellow Dragon, Underground dragon and many more. There are also some Chinese zodiac dragon tattoos.

Apart from these dragon tattoos there are several other designs that are also becoming very popular in the recent times like tribal dragon tattoos, Celtic dragon tattoos and many more.

Where you get a tattoo design inked is totally a matter of personal choice. However, there are some most apt and popular placements for each tattoo design. In case of dragon tattoo, shoulders, upper arms, chest, ankles and lower back area are the preferred choice of tattoo enthusiasts.

One can choose any portion depending on their comfort level, size as well as how much visibility they want for their design. For instance, while chest and back areas are perfect for an elaborate dragon tattoo design, the placement is not suitable if you want to flaunt your tattoo most of the times.

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