Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hot Tattoo Ideas and Trends For Men in 2009 and 2010 - Polynesian, Hawaiian, Ambigrams and Celtic

As the world of tattoos grows quickly people are always looking for something new ad something to make their tattoo a unique style and something that stands out from the crowd. IN fact a few years back being different and standing out from the crowd was on of the main functions and purposes for tattoos. However, today with multiple tv shows dedicated to tattoos and the whole popularization of tattoos has become it is hard to stand out and look unique with your tattoo design. Yet it doesn't have to be impossible. Styles are constantly changing and the world of tattoos shifts all the time and this will help you to spot some of those trends early. Below you will find some of the most popular and hot trends for male tattoo designs. However, just keep in mind you should never get a tattoo just because someone says it is popular. This is only a guide of ideas to get your own creativity flowing.

Ambigram Tattoos

Ambigrams are super hot right now. While they are not a new concept they in fact have been around forever and have a pretty deep tradition it is new to see ambigrams done as tattoos. An ambigram is two words that are put together. For example Devil and Angel might be put together. Then when the word is read one way it looks like it says Angle. Then when flipped upside down the words look like is says Devil. These are incredibly fun and creative tattoo and look great. These have gained quickly in popularity because they are fun, different and very cool looking with a sort of edgy feeling. What two words would you pick to say something about yourself?

Celtic Tribal Tattoo Designs

Another very popular trend that has resulted in some great tattoo designs is a rebirth of Celtic tattoos. They are sometimes classified as tribal due to the heavy black line work. However they are sort of the new tribal. Not the overdone and worn out old tribal that is a bunch of lines that everyone and their brother has. Celtic tattoos have a very deep symbolism and a rich history behind them and they make for intricate and beautiful interlaced designs.

Polynesian and Hawaiian Tribal Tattoo Designs

Probably everyone out there has seen the tribal should and tribal armband tattoos that were very popular in the mid to late 90's. These were a sort of conglomerate of tribal tattoo designs however they don't go back to any one tribe in particular. They have been done so eloquently that now people are looking for something different. A lot of people like the heavy black line work and the pattern feeling of tribal designs. They are easy to see from a distance and work very well as rather large tattoo designs. Yet they have kind of been overdone and now people are looking for something that is still tribal but different. So many have turned to the actual ancient tribal cultures such as the Polynesian cultures, Hawaiian, Maori and other ancient tribes that participated in tattooing. Many people have taken the deep historical tattoos and breathed into them new life and new style. These are very hot and popular right now.

As stated in the open paragraph you should never just go out and get a tattoo done because you read somewhere that it was popular and that is not what this article is designed to do. Instead read through it and see if any of the designs peak your interest. Then explore In greater depth the realm of possibilities within that style of tattoo and see if there is anything you like. You can always add to the design and make subtle changes to make it more unique and your own. Especially with the tattoo styles listed above they can easily be adapted such as an ambigram can be done with any two words and the tribal designs can express just about anything a person could want. So make the tattoo yours and individual. Also check out the great free information chocked full of tattoo designs, tattoo galleries and articles to help you find the ultimate in Hot Tattoo Designs For Guys.

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