Tuesday, July 27, 2010

girls tattoos : Butterfly Fairy Tattoo Designs

Many women are conflicted about the idea of getting a tattoo. You might have experienced this. Are you worried that a tattoo will make you look unfeminine or make you less popular with men? That's definitely not the case. If you want more proof, just consider butterfly fairy tattoo designs.

Tattooing is no longer just fun for the boys. Women are heading into tattoo parlors in droves, and they're requesting tattoo designs that are just as unique as they are. Some women are comfortable than others, but one thing that many agree on is that butterflies and fairies are great choices for women.

A butterfly tattoo will not decrease your femininity. In fact, it can often help you look even more feminine! You can choose to get a small, dainty tattoo on your ankle. This inconspicuous location might be appropriate if you don't want your tattoo to be too noticeable to other people.

If you want something a little more obvious, though, a butterfly tattoo can also be larger. The lower back is a popular place for many women to get tattoos, and a butterfly's symmetrical shape is particularly flattering when placed in the center of the lower back.

If a butterfly isn't for you, have you considered fairies? If you played with fairy toys when you were a little girl, a fairy tattoo can be a fun memento of the past. If you are interested in fairy tales, or in art, you already know that fairies are a popular subject, and if you choose a fairy tattoo, your body can become like a canvas.

Butterflies and fairies are both great choices because they are highly customizable. Larger tattoo designs can be placed on the back, for example, which will get men's attention and make you look very sexy. If you want something less obvious, you can get a smaller design on your ankle or your hip.

Before you choose what design to get, do your research. Browse the internet to find galleries where you can see what other women have chosen. You can also talk to your friends and co-workers, or even visit a local tattoo parlor to get a sense of what options are available.

Butterfly fairy tattoo designs are a great way of expressing your femininity. Whether you do it by size, or by position on your body, or by color, you can use your tattoo to proclaim just how sexy and unique you are.

re good choices for women who want to make sure they look both feminine and sexy.

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