Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Tattoo Designs For Girl

Tattoo Designs For Girl
of tattoos that girls can choose from (more so than men) that it's a good plan to get some idea of the types of girls tattoo designs first before taking the plunge. This way, you'll be prepared and won't have any regrets. In this article, ...

The lower back is a great area to get tattooed and frankly looks way better than a similar tattoo on a guy. It accentuates the curves and lines on a woman going from side to side and also up and into the small of the back.

There are so many different designs to choose from: two of the most popular are tribal tattoos and flower tattoos. Most are symmetrical but not all.

Don't be afraid of those who call this the "tramp stamp". The vast majority of people like this tattoo and do not believe that it says anything about the wearer's sex life or otherwise.

Star Tattoo Designs For Girls

Star tattoos are really popular with girls. The most common locations are the hip, the foot, the inner wrist and the side of the torso.

There are two basic styles you can choose from. The first is just simple black or green outlined stars. The second is a multi-coloured and multiple starred "shooting star" type look. These look especially great on the back, torso or hip.

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