Sunday, February 6, 2011

Five Fabulously Feminine Tattoos Designs

Whilst there are many reasons why women get a tattoo, one of the reasons has to be that they can look very feminine and fabulously sexy!
Whether you’re looking for a design for your first tattoo, or are just wanting to add to your collection of body art, here’s our pick of some of the coolest designs for women:
1. Butterfly – a cute tattoo design that you can have tattooed just about anywhere. There’s something particularly inspiring about this image – meaning. Small designs look great on a shoulder, between your shoulder blades, or on your leg or arm. Celebrities seen sporting butterflies include Paris Hilton, Christina Ricci and Drew Barrymore.
2. Cherry – one of the simplest images you can choose. It’s thought to be a symbol for fertility or virtue. The “old school” image is of a pair of cherries, often seen on slot machines, and is perfect for an ankle, arm or shoulder design. For larger designs, the image of cherry blossom is incredibly pretty and feminine.
3. Cross – often symbolising faith, the cross is a religious symbol. Apart from a straight forward cross design, the celtic cross is an intricate image that conveys the same meaning. A cross image can work well just about anywhere – your shoulder, upper arm, thigh, or stomach. Combine this image with a dove or angel to create a larger design. Alyssa Milano has a tattoo of a cross on a chain. Singer Justin Timberlake has a large cross tattooed on his upper arm.
4. Heart – the ultimate symbol of love and friendship. This is a great symbol to embellish with other designs or entwine two hearts together, with your name and that of the someone special in your life (but remember that tattoos last forever!). Show this design off by wearing it on your upper arm, shoulder, lower back, leg or ankle. One of the famous people known to have a heart tattoo is singer and model, Tila Tequila. Friends star, Jennifer Aniston, has a small heart tattooed on her stomach.
5. Star – a simple understated design, place several stars to create an interesting effect. It’s meaning can be aiming for your aspirations or dreams, or you could tattoo a particular star for a special meaning. Some women have a star tattooed to celebrate the birth of every child. Can look perfect on your neck, abdomen, lower back or even your feet! Many celebrity women sport star tattoos, including Victoria Beckham, Gerry Halliwell, Kate Hudson & Britney Spears.
Of course, you may have your own favorite design, frogs, teddy bears, the choice is practically limitless.
Another great way to create your own unique tattoo design is to combine designs which have a special meaning, for example, a heart and a cross. Alternatively pick a simple design and add your own embellishments or color combinations.
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