Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Egyptian Eye Tattoo - Finding Awesome Designs

Egyptian Eye Tattoo - Finding Awesome DesignsThe difference between finding those great, original designs that you are looking for and all of the other junk on the internet lies in the way that you search for it. Using the word search implies that you should begin by using a search engine such as Yahoo or Google, but you shouldn't.

Egyptian Eye Tattoo - Finding Awesome DesignsIf you do this you will be doing exactly the same thing as millions of other people have done before you. And guess what, you're going to see the exact same designs that they saw and if you end up getting a tattoo with one of these designs you will be sitting at a party somewhere and bump into someone, or some people with the exact same tattoo. Not cool.

Egyptian Eye Tattoo - Finding Awesome DesignsSo where can you go to find those awesome Egyptian Eye tattoos that are out there and haven't already been seen and used by every man and his dog?

It is quite simple really, you just have to look in places that other people aren't looking. This means completely avoiding the search engines. After months of searching online for great tattoo designs I came across a great little idea that has since helped me to find hundreds of great tattoo designs on the internet.

The secret is to get involved in some of the big tattoo forums that have sprung up all over the internet. These places are the stomping ground for many great tattoo artists and they often like to upload their latest designs and get other users feedback. What this means for us is that we can get access to tons of great Egyptian Eye Tattoo designs before anyone else even knows about them!

Egyptian Eye Tattoo - Finding Awesome Designs
Egyptian Eye Tattoo - Finding Awesome Designs

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