Saturday, May 28, 2011

Tattoos for Girls in USA

Tattoos for Girls in USA

Hand tattoos for girls hold a very significant historical meaning. While Western cultures do not view them in the same capacity, many Eastern cultures greatly support hand tattoos as a way of demonstrating their social status, their intelligence, or even their occupation. Popular for wedding ceremonies or other henna tattoos and Arabic hand tattoos for girls  contain some of the most intricate designs associated with any tattoos because of their limited body space.

Within the Arab world, this type of tattoo is part of a widely practiced ritual. While these tattoos often fade after a few weeks, the complex patterns are usually achieved through the use of stencils. The small, symbolic meanings associated with hand tattoos are typically seen throughout North Africa.

It was the Egyptian Christians who would support a cross tattoo on their wrist or on their hand. In spite of the popularity, it is not customary for tourists or visitors to request the same tattoos, especially because they often find quotes for the design which are religious, an offense to practicing Muslims.

While this type of tattoo is very popular in Arab worlds, they are not as popular in Western world’s where the girls will work regularly or where their hands are hardly covered. This should be taken into consideration prior to getting hand tattoos done.

Once that decision has been made, it is good to know that there are four main parts of the hand which can be tattooed. These areas include the fingers, the wrist, the forearm, and the upper arm.

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