Monday, December 13, 2010

Sensual Images Tattoo

 Search online for "sexy tattoos" and you'll find plenty of naked women inked on arms, chests and legs. It's a little difficult to know whether these tattoos are just for the wearers, or if they expect other people to think they're sexy. Men with these tats are presumably admirers of women, or else they wouldn't have chosen images celebrating the female body. The question is, do they really think women will want to look at those images on their mate?

Still, from the numbers of such tattoos, it's clear that a lot of people think they're sexy. Sometimes called pinup girls, after 1950's-era calendar girls, these tats feature:

    * Large-chested, bare-breasted women in all sorts of poses
    * Fully naked women wearing lascivious looks
    * Fantasy girls dressed as bikers, vampires, devils and angels
    * Leather-clad beauties, sometimes bearing whips and chains
    * Schoolgirls, nurses and other uniformed gals

Women also sometimes get tattoos of gorgeous women. Wearing these sexy tattoo images doesn't necessarily indicate sexuality; these tats can also represent female power. Some women choose to have sexy men tattooed on themselves to make a statement as well.

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