Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3D Tattoos Ideas And Collection

The Futurist was latter asked about uses for such a novelty and claimed that such advances in tattoo research would have valuable application in security and military as well as the current and most common use of tattoos; individuality and self expression.

A fellow thinker online stated that; “3-D genetic tattoos can be used for identification purpose instead of finger printing the hologram will absorb and reflect a certain combination of wavelength which can be recognised or sensed by a biosensor or a DNA chip having the same sequence of that person.
The futurist answered in reply; “Well yes, I was watching a discovery channel special on Tattoos in Russian Gulag and Tattoos are used by gangs for affiliation identification and people use them for self-expression of individualism and identity, you are long the lines of my thinking. I was merging many topics into one. But also realizing that this is 20-years out for human scientists currently. You will find many original thoughts of mine on this website, based loosely on scientific discoveries or trends , which indicate potential eventualities of future events.”
Imagine a future with 3D Tattoos on humans with areas of translucent skin, tattoos which could be turned on or off by frequency switches. Incredible thoughts indeed and worthy of mention as it appears it will be not only a bright and colorful future, but one in 3D. Consider all this in 2006.

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