Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Elephant Tattoos Designs

foot Elephant Tattoo Designanimals tattoos are very popular today because they represent characteristics that most people are happy. Although tattoos are generally preferred over the Wildcats jungle - lions, tigers - elephants are increasingly claiming tattoo enthusiasts attention.

Elephants are strong animals that are observed by the ancient cultures of India and Africa. Their strength is legendary, and combined with their large size, it is not unusual for ancient civilizations compared them with great leaders. During the war they were used as psychological weapons, instill fear in the enemy even before the battle began.

These animals are revered in India. For those representing elephants divinity and goodness of spirit. Ganesh, Hindu god is also described as having the head of an elephant. During the Hindu rituals are the elephants as protrusions from the apartment. They are usually washed and anointed with special oils as part of the ritual.

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