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Back Tattoos in UK

Back Tattoos in UK
ther areas to have tattoos that are popular with ladies are on the hip, navel, shoulder, chest and stomach. These are also sensual areas and this increased popularity along with the lower back area shows that ladies want to demonstrate their sensuality, but without it being too visible.

The current fashions in clothes allow lower back tattoos to be shown off at their best advantage. If you have a tattoo and you are wearing low cut jeans or a crop top, the tattoo can almost appear as if it is in a frame.
Symmetrical tattoos always look the best on the lower back. This is where the design is a mirror image across the spine.
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The most current in style lower back tattoos are:
Angel Designs – Angel tattoos project a forward thinking belief in life and it is believed that when a man wears an angel tattoo the he likes the ladies!. You can look at this as a good thing or a bad thing, depending on whether he is your man or not! LOL
ther cross designs that are popular are the Celtic, Egyptian or Russian cross and look especially good in the centre of the lower back.
Dragon Designs – Dragon tattoos are very popular and look great as a lower back tattoo especially when they are big and are wrapped around the body with their wings spanning across the lower back and breathing fire up the spine. They actually signify authoritative, fierce, and liberated personalities. The designs today are fantastic with lots of intricate details and combined with Chinese calligraphy will look fab!

tar Designs – The popular trend for star design lower back tattoos is to have them placed in the centre of the lower back or on the hips. As these designs are small they can be discretely hidden.If it’s a Nautical star you are after it’s history can be traced back to sailors who used it for navigation who believed it guided them home safely, but generally star designs symbolise a strong attachment to something and have become popular today with many different groups to affirm their own particular belief, idea or’s a lower back tattoo that you are after, then you are someone that wants to portray a sensual or erotic side to your personality while being able to have it discretely hidden.

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