Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Angel Tattoo Pictures and Ideas

Angel Tattoo Pictures and Ideas

Angel tattoos are anthropomorphic which means they are winged form creature in the shape of men. They are intended to transmit the God’s word to humankind. Angel tattoos are considered as the messenger of God and personify divine will.The word angel tattoo comes from the Greek word aggelos which means messenger. But they not only appear as messengers, angel tattoos also deliver God’s protection and punishment to humans.

Angel Tattoo Pictures and Ideas

They act as intermediaries of God to carry His will in the affairs of men.In Christianity, the angel tattoos are used by a supreme divine being to carry out certain task for humans. They provide protection and safety to those people who believe in God. Angel tattoos appear when a person who calls upon God’s help is in deep pain or suffering and in danger. They are portrayed as Holy Spirit with halos and wings in human form every time they appear.

For Mormons, angel tattoos are messengers of God sent to deliver a message, teach doctrines for salvation, guide humankind, save people in times of peril, minister to men, call the humans to repent for their sins and give keys for priesthood. They also believed that angel tattoos are former humans or spirits of humans that are not yet born in this world.

In some beliefs, angel tattoos are used to guide those people who died recently in their way to heaven.

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