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Banarsi Saree Designs 2011

Banarsi Saree Designs 2011
Of all the things that Varanasi is famous for, the Banarasi Sari, a rich Sari made by expert weavers using the finest of silks, stands out. Banaras is one of the more commonly used names for Varanasi in India and hence the sari’s that were weaved here became famous as ‘Banarasi Sari’. The Sari is the traditional costume of Indian women and the ‘Banarasi Sari’ epitomizes the best of the breed. It is said that the Banarasi Sari is veritable a ‘poetry in silk’

Banarsi Saree Designs 2011.
The history of the silk industry in Varanasi is traditionally linked to the Muslim community, which for almost 800 years was in charge of production. The exotic art of weaving perfected by the weavers in Varanasi remains unmatched. 2010 Banarsi Saree One of the unique features of the Banarasi Sari is the heavy gold brocade which has an extra weft of rich gold thread running across the warp threads. The motifs are picked up in silk thread and bright colors are added in the unique style called Meenakari that is used in gold jewellery. The all over gold brocade known as kimkhab carries patterns of ‘jal’ a trellis enclosing stylized rounded bits. Another variety consists of fine tissue like gold cloth which has warp and weft of gold thread and the patterns worked in silk and gold thread. Generally, the background material is woven in silk and the patterns in gold.The Banarasi Sari is generally a little costlier than the other type of Saris.

Banarsi Saree Designs 2011 
The weavers use the best quality silk yarn that is brought from Karnataka, another state in India, unlike the China silk which is low quality and cheaper. Secondly, the Banarasi saree is woven on handlooms unlike those woven on powerlooms. The former is not only better in terms of design and motif but also in terms of weaving quality and durability. And of course, there is the exotic artistry of the weavers in Varanasi who have been rendering these masterpieces for the past few centuries. Their embroidery work (called Zardozi) is an art to behold.

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