Sunday, June 12, 2011

TLC Spin-off Episode Of “NY INK”

a tattoos reality show Last night, the most recent episode of TLC spin-off its "ink" series "NY Ink”, was both the metal in particular, and surprisingly emotional thanks to guest star in the episode, Corey Taylor of Slipknot fame / Stone Sour. The singer has enlisted the help of artist Tim Hendricks of the tent of his new work, a memorial tattoo
after its fallen band-member, bassist and friend, Paul Gray. Gray died in May 2010 of a morphine accicdental overdose and their families, other team members and fans were surprised and sense of loss.

While the program usually displays an unfortunate waste amount argument (like the rest of "The reality TV ") among the store employees constantly in trouble, the second half to basics and got to tattoo. Taylor asked for a tattoo is done in the left calf Gray of Slipknot mask sinister-looking and Number 2, representing a place in the band of 9 members. In the middle of the tattoos, the emotional dam Taylor seemed to break - and the singer usually known by his monstrously powerful screams were heard over roar melancholy sobs, beaten by both the angst he feels in his heart and physical pain suffered by the body. Taylor woman
was by her side to comfort him, if it appears to offer little solace for the broken heart of the rocker.

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