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Scripture Tattoos

Tattoos are immensely popular these days, and this can be seen from the fact that there are millions of people who have tattoos made on various parts of their body. Till around a few years ago, getting a tattoo was considered offensive and even rebellious in some cultures and settings. But today, this is not so. People, ranging from children to adults alike, are getting tattoos done, boosting the art of tattooing to a whole new level. And with this new found popularity, tattoo designs and tattoo ideas are a dime a dozen. The latest in the never ending trend of tattoos are scripture tattoos.

In ancient cultures, tattoos were used to mark individuals according to their rank and place in certain tribes. Also, it was mostly men who were tattooed and not the women. This trend has changed in a huge way as time has passed, and today it is not surprising to see elaborate tattoos on even women. In all this popularity, even groups who loathed the idea of getting themselves tattooed earlier, have started taking to tattoos. The best example is perhaps religious communities, where tattooing was taken as defacing the body, and was an explicit no-no. In fact, in scripture Leviticus 19:28, it says, “You shall not make any cuts in your body for the dead nor make any tattoo marks on yourselves: I am the LORD”. Due to such beliefs, tattooing in religious sectors was relatively rare. However, this trend is changing, and in fact, there are even some who get scripture tattoos done on themselves, to memorialize a saying from the Bible, or to remind them of a particular verse of scripture. In this aspect, scripture tattoos have become popular, not only among the religious, but among people as a whole.

Scripture Tattoos Designs

Previously, the most common type of religious tattoo that was seen were small cross tattoos, usually made at the base of the thumb, or on the inside of the forearm. Gradually, as religious tattoos become more accepted and common, larger and more elaborate tattoo designs came into being. These days, an intricate cross, starting from the upper arm and ending at the elbow, is a common sight. The commonness of Christian cross tattoos inspired people to think of different options, and scripture tattoos seemed the way out. Scripture tattoo designs can be made with either the entire scripture tattooed on the body, or just the chapter and verse of the scripture in question. It is not uncommon to see an entire verse of scripture tattooed on the back, or abdomen, and these may be more than the one line of scripture we usually see. Read more on Jesus cross tattoos.
As scripture tattoo designs usually consist of text, font choice and color play a huge role in these designs. The most common font used is the cursive font, though this may not suit all people. You can choose what font you want for your scripture tattoo design, but usually tattoos that have more text make use of a cursive font, while if you have just the verse and chapter inscribed, bolder fonts like Old English are also acceptable. Read more on tattoo lettering designs and tattoo lettering script. Smaller phrases or verses can also be inscribed inside a cross tattoo making for an innovative scripture tattoo idea. For people with space constraints, or for those who do want elaborate tattoos, a small cross and just the chapter and verse of the scripture in question can make for a very interesting scripture tattoo idea. This will also increase the curiosity quotient of the tattoo, making people look up the verse in question. For others, there are various designs that range from a simple scripture in a cross to much more elaborate tattoos depicting scenes from the bible to support the scripture tattoo in question.

Another good scripture tattoo idea is getting a tattoo in Hebrew or another language. This not only will look good and increase curiosity, but will be something different from the usual tattoo. However, make sure that whatever you are choosing means something to you, and that you are not just picking up any scripture for a tattoo. Another common design is also the praying hands tattoo design, and this in combination with a verse is another good and unique religious scripture tattoo idea.

So, as seen, depending on the size and the place you want your scripture tattoo, there are many designs available. With the availability of a huge plethora of bible scriptures, tattoos can be hard to decide. Using a scripture that means something to you is the only way to go. To give you a slight idea of what is done and what is not, here are some of the more popular scriptures that have been used as tattoos. Read more on tribal Jesus tattoo.


Bible Scripture Tattoos Ideas

While religious scripture tattoos can be taken from any scripture, these are some of the famous bible scripture tattoos that have been used to immortalize scripture on a person’s body. From these you can get an idea of what you may want to get tattooed. Read more on biblical tattoos and famous bible quotes.

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