Monday, January 24, 2011

Temporary Tattoos Meet High End Fashion

Temporary tattoos have existed for many years now. Kids get them in cracker Jack boxes, sports teams love to stick them on their fans, and companies will even make custom designs for your own promotions. But now temporary tattooing has taken a turn into the world of high fashion body art eerie at. This spring of variety of haute couture designers use tattoos as accessories to go along with their fashion line. Jean-Paul Gauthier included henna designs as part of his spring and summer looks, Rodarte incorporated tribal patterns, and Chanel put forth a look that included lots of  florals designs and faux jewelry, complete with the Chanel logo.

Normally such accessories are only seen on the cat walks. But Chanel’s temporary tattoos have proved so popular the company is making them available for anyone. The series of temporary tattoos are going to be available for only a limited time. The Les Trompe L’Oeil de CHANEL Temporary Skin Art kit will include over fifty temporary tattoos designs created just for Chanel, and is said it will retail for about $75 apiece. The designs should echo what was seen on the runways. Models were shown with faux multiple bangle bracelets, elaborate garter belts that went around the thigh or ran down the leg, and larger designs appropriate for application across the shoulders and upper arms, around the neck or down the back.
For those on a limited budget, this may be a more affordable way to wear Chanel fashion, albeit temporarily. Years ago in San Francisco, I asked one of my tattoo artists what their least favorite design to tattoo was. The woman working on my arm only had to pause for a moment before answering “the Chanel logo.” I asked her what she meant. She replied that the designs of the Chanel logo, the double-C pattern, was very complex to do as it’s an extreme curve and is difficult to execute on skin. She also said that the type of person who would want to wear Chanel logo, was one of the more annoying personality types of anyone she had ever met in the tattoo world.

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