Monday, January 24, 2011

Vine Tattoo Ideas

Vine tattoos come in various sizes and shapes. Though there are no right or wrong places for tattoos, the most common places for vine tattoos are vine tattoos on feet, ankle, back, sides, legs and ribs. A vine tattoo on feet looks quite sensuous. The traditional choice for getting a design is one that covers the vine tattoo on ankle and deceives others into thinking that you are wearing a delicate anklet! If you want a more elaborate look, you can continue the vine tattoo on ankle into a vine tattoo on the legs. Another very popular option for vine tattoos for girls is getting the vine tattoo on ribs, or the waist, that will give the look of a waist band disappearing into the jeans. A vine tattoo on side is often very elaborate, and usually includes flowers or butterflies.

You can combine your vine tattoos with other images of leafs or flowers to give an individual look. Even tribal tattoos include a lot of vines which possess the same intricacy of traditional vines, but without the floral look. As said earlier, vine tattoos are very versatile and while for some they can be a background for their main image, for others even a simple vine tattoo can be made for giving a delicate look.

The two most popular vine tattoos for women are ivy and rose tattoos. Ivy tattoos look very sensual and intricate as they wind themselves around the body part. It looks great on any part of the body, but the best choice is ivy vine tattoo on back and ivy vine tattoo on neck. Vines are very commonly used to link two tattoos together drawn on different parts of the body. Nature based elements are popularly included in vine tattoos, and the colors most often used for best results include black and dark green.

These were just a few ideas for vine tattoos for women. Vine tattoos for girls accentuate femininity and because of their dramatic and subtle nature, are sure shot eye catchers. Inking a tattoo is not a small decision, and hence it’s best if you are completely sure of your decision. And after you have got your tattoo, you should consult the tattoo artist for tattoo care. The best tattoos are the ones in which you use your creativity to include images or designs with vines which are of special significance to give a more unique and creative look. So go ahead and drape, twist and coil the vine tattoo for a stunning look!

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