Saturday, January 29, 2011

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Getting A Tribal Lion Tattoo

Just like any other tattoo, finding a tribal lion tattoo online is quite easy. But do you really want to get a tattoo that so many other people may already have inked into their skin? Don’t you want one that is uniquely you? One that holds meaning to you and has an actual reason behind it? A tattoo that when asked what it means doesn’t leave you saying, “I saw it online so I got it.”

That’s not to say you can’t start your design process online. In fact, you could take a couple different designs to your artist and get them to design the perfect tribal lion tattoo for you. That holds special meaning to just you, and is something unique to your body.

Or you could always approach an artist with a specific lion in mind and see if they cannot create your tribal tattoo from your own descriptions so that it is truly one of a kind. This method may cost a little more as you may have to pay for the design time, but it will be well worth it in the end knowing that lion you have growling across your back is yours and only yours.

Something to keep in mind when picking your design or having it created for you is to decide on placement. After all, placement determines that amount of space available for the tattoo, the natural curvatures of the body can play with and against a tattoo. You don’t want to get a design on your bicep and have it look like the lion has some sort of malformation because you didn’t take into consideration the natural curves and flow of your body.

As with any tattoo, another consideration will be the colouring. Some decide to go with the traditional yellow of a lion, while others choose to have it done in other colours specific to them. And of course you could always opt for a simple black and skin coloured lion that will blend in perfectly to the tribal. Whatever you decide make sure the colours work for your skin tone as well. You don’t want to get a colour that looks awful when against your own natural skin tone.

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